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About Silver

Over 10 years ago, scientists developed nanoparticle colloidal (Nancol) silver to avoid Argyria, a non-life-threatening accumulation of silver particles in the skin which can cause a slight bluish or grayish discoloration of the skin. (The term "blue Blood" for Renaissance nobility was a reference to this coloration caused by the widespread use of silver for medicinal purposes at the time). It is not dangerous but undesirable.

With the new technology, silver can be processed to create Nancol silver with a very high particle surface area. With Nancol silver, smaller amounts can be used. Although widely consumed, there are no known incidents of Argyria from Nanocol silver. Scientific studies show a further benefit of small particle size (6nm or less) is viricide effects (impairing viruses).

The active ingredient in EmpresSilTM H20 is high quality small particle size (6nm) Nanocol silver and is 100% safe for use.