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About Us

Founded on the philosophy that the best way to cure infection, kill bacteria and promote a healthy immune system is to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself, Majesty Minerals Gels and Lotions combine Nanocol Silver with the natural herbs that promote healing. Our products are Paraben free, Non-Toxic, and carefully crafted from natural ingredients.

Our Nanocol Silver is delivered directly to your skin via non-greasy moisturizers made from carefully selected natural antioxidants to help protect and repair cells from damage and provide a protective barrier that resists infection and helps clear-up skin irritations.

Exclusive Nanocol technology

  • 100% natural
  • Safe
  • Reduces invasive bacteria
  • Permits complete healing
  • Fast-Acting

Silver is:

  • Used in 70% of burn units in America
  • Nano-particle silver has been shown to be effective against viruses

Balms Collection:

Our exclusive line of Nanocol Silver Balms combine Nanocol Silver with carefully selected natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatory botanical compounds, and moisturizers to help cure infection, kill bacteria, and promote rapid healing of skin irritations and ailments. Helps healing like no other Balm! All our Balms are sulfate free, non-toxic, paraben free, organic and made in the USA.

Our Balms stimulate healing with Nanocol Silver and natural botanical extracts to leave skin soft and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Gels Collection

Helps with healing wounds while combating infections and promoting the body’s natural healing ability. Our Noble Gels deliver soothing relief in three distinct fragrances: Essential, Cool Mint, and Citrus! All our gels are sulfate free, non-toxic, paraben free, natural and made in the USA.

H20 Collection

For millennia, people have used silver as a bactericide. The saying, “born with a silver spoon in their mouth” comes from the time when wealthy children sucked on silver spoons to ward off disease. Our modern version of mankind's oldest natural anti-microbial agent, elemental silver utilizes exclusive Nanocol technology to help boost your immunity. Safe for all ages, you and your children can now benefit from Nanocol silver, with just a spoonful a day. EmpresSil is pure colloidal nano particle silver. This natural mineral supplement contains only nano-sized silver particles in deionized water. The small particle size and particle concentration of 20 ppm produces a nano-particle colloid of high particle surface area.